Folk Paintings of India

Indian folk paintings have been passed down from generation to generation. We have listed some well known Folk Paintings of India you all should know about..

10 Folk Paintings of India you should know about:

1) Madhubani or Mithila Art is one of the most popular Indian Folk Painting. It is characterised by its geometric patterns depicting Gods, Flora and Fauna.

Madhubani Painting

2) Miniature Painting is characterized by it’s intricate designs & acute expressions. It was originated in the Mughals era and mainly depicts religious symbols and epics.

Miniature Painting

3) Phad Painting originated from Rajasthan and depicts folk deities Pabuji and Devnarayan. Running narrative of the lives of heroic deeds of deities is mostly seen on these paintings.

Phad Painting

4) Warli Art is one of the oldest art forms of India, originated by warli tribes from the western ghats of India. They depict daily life activities like fishing, hunting, festive dance & more.

Warli Art

5) Gond Painting are bold, vibrant coloured paintings, depicting mainly flora and fauna. Originated by the Gondi tribe in Madhya Pradesh, dedicated to Nature.

Gond Painting

6) Kalamkari means ‘drawing with Pen’, originated from Machilipatnam & Srikalahasti. It’s a free flowing art depicting anything from flora and fauna to epics such as Mahabharata or Ramayana.

Kalamkari Painting

Kalamkari Painting

7) Tanjore or Thanjavur Art can be recognised by its use of gold foil, which glitters and lends the painting a surreal look. The art depict devotion to gods, goddesses and saints.

Tanjore Painting

8) Cheriyal Scroll originated in Telangana, depicting puranas and epics. These are 40-45 feet scrolls with visual accompaniment as saints wandered around singing or narrating the epics.

Cheriyal Painting

Cheriyal Painting

9) Kalighat Paintings on cloth and pattas, at first depicted Gods and Goddesses, but then took a turn towards social reform. Art is characterised by flawless strokes, brushwork, and simple but bold drawings.

Kalighat Painting

10) Patachitra is a cloth based painting from Orissa, with sharp, angular bold lines depict epics, Gods and Goddesses. The style depicted in the paintings has heavy influence of the Mughal era.

Patachitra Painting

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