6 Facts About Chikan Work of Lucknow

India is famous for it’s Art, Culture & Traditions, & Chikan Work of Lucknow is one of them. This unique kind of hand embroidery is mainly done by traditional women of Lucknow.

Here are 6 Interesting Facts about Lucknowi Chikankari..

1. Lucknow has become an adjective to Chikankari work globally through ages of perfection. Chikankari = Lucknow

2. Chikan embroidery is a delicate art of embroidery with very light sheer like quality. It’s totally Hand Embroidery Work.

3. It is a perfect attire for seemingly hot climate of northern plain region. Stylish yet comfortable!!

4. With changing trends and fashion it’s not restricted to cotton and muslin cloth, it has expanded its roots to Chiffon, Cotton and Georgette etc.

5. Beautiful sequence and motifs reveled on the fabric with white and colorful threads make you look attractive and appealing.

6. Royalty and grace which Chikan garment promises is incomparable to any other dressing style.

chikan Kurti


Chikankari is a must have fashion add-on to your wardrobe.

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