World Environment Day: 9 ways to live in proximity with nature

Take up with us to celebrate this moment of World Environment Day by adopting the organic way of living..

World Environment Day

1. Strain your feet to cleave into the woods, give your eyes a worthwhile feast, be enamored by the pristine beauty of lush green landscapes an the rustic charm of ethnic people dwelling in their humble houses.

2. These indigenous masses do not need a reason like us to cherish the mesmerizing beauty of the nature. Muse takes up with them by spontaneity and bestows upon them the art to create the thing with their peasantry hands.

3. All the handmade articles meticulously made by these masses are so graceful because in these we see the magnificence of using organic matter in daily life.

4. One just need to have a close look and curiosity to learn from these local people to make use of organically made items in their households, this is one of the best way to celebrate world environment day.

5. So on this world environment day lets associate ourselves with the habit of using Jute and paper bags instead of polyethylene which smothers the very heart of our earth and can’t be recycled.

6. Procure most of the routine goods made of bamboo so that even in your humdrum urban life you can feel the tranquillity of being surrounded by nature.

7. Even the garbs made of khadi cotton make us feel mellow an suave, their elegance lies in their simplicity.

8. Spread all around the message in the benevolence of nature, sing a refrain or poetry of Keats and Wordsworth in a way to pay homage to mother nature.

9. Forget not that all things exist under this blond sun and amidst the thick groves and gurgling brooks. We just require to be outdoors and thankful to goddess that mimics nature.

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