In our Ultra Modern society of present times where our ultimate goal is happiness contrasting to what should be actual way of living a life We have made a habit of seeking pleasure in the things that we buy but end buying the object which cease to tempt us after sometimes. Amidst this glut of branded & fancy goods we own, we are loosing the sight of luxuries which our Nation is endowed with in the terms of it’s Art & Craft. Main reason behind this is cause we are ill informed even when we all are traveling, the object of our traveling is reviving the Mundane life rather than exploring the various cultures.

Our country has always been feted by the world for it’s syncretic Culture and provincial crafts, many of them dating back to the time immemorial. It’s our misfortune that still our own fellows know scarce about extant & potential of the Handicrafts in India.

Our Objective:

Authindia is a venture consisting young Designers & Scholars, basically set up on the premises of propagating the Idea of indignity. We strive  to the best of our capabilities, popularizing various Indian crafts and working in association with Craftsman & Artists cut across India. It would be utterly​ hypocritical to say that we don’t have any aspirations or goals. We aspire to change the way people perceive Indian crafts and cagey when it comes to buying an Artifact.  We have a notion that best way to know about any Culture is through it’s Art and Craft.

The goal is to expand the reach of Indian Handicrafts industry to masses by setting up a marketplace exclusive for Art & Craft which shall also dispel the ignorance of masses.

As the Artisans base are dispersed it takes a while before you engage them and make them understand the line of business unlike other marketplace. But given the uniqueness & beauty of their  products it’s worth while to devote your time exploring their work. Since we are totally in awe with the work that we are doing it has been a intriguing journey so far and will continue to remain so cause as they possibilities are abound when one is devoted to steep into a culture We all are driven by the sense of Happiness which is associated with this work and Happiness is the essence of any work of art.

Other perspective is Environmental: We all know the quality of air specially in metro is getting worse ever year. It’s high time now to do more than just showing the concern. When we have the alternative of owning the products made of nature and human skill because sooner or later we are going to realize Grace of any articles lies in the substance which is heart of human put into it. Form is just the outcome of accident.

We have the graving need to reduce the contrast between the beautiful environs in which a beast lives and Squalor of humanity in which we are smothering everyday and Art & Craft seem to us  the only possible way to make our lives as Beautiful as Nature.. 🙂