Bastar Art Handicrafts From Chattisgarh

Bastar Art Handicrafts from Chhattisgarh are One of the most famous and renowned tribal arts of India.


Historical Overview of Bastar Art Handicrafts

One of the most famous and renowned tribal arts famous for its beguiling artifacts is the Bastar Art specifically practiced by the tribes of the Bastar region, mainly covered under dense forest.


These Bastar art handicrafts basically indicate the lifestyle of the people prevalent the rural areas, thus these artifacts, paintings lay special focus on pastors, farmers, etc. Animal figures of Bastar look alluring and render a regal appearance to the house. These statues have been attracting art enthusiasts since time immemorial.

 bastar handicrafts

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The Making of Bastar Craft

It is quite an evidentiary fact that tribes were the first metal smiths of India, their masterpieces out of iron depict nature, Gods in an aesthetic way that can easily pour one into a deep notion. The process that they apply to transform iron into these amazing, impressive masterpieces is quite lucid and mainly includes two activities, forging and hammering using simple tools and furnaces.


Bastar art Handicraft undoubtedly has attracted the art and craft lovers worldwide. Antique statues of multitudinous sizes and shapes continue to be the center of attraction even today.

 Bastar Handicraft Online

Bastar Dhokra Craft Making

The Dhokra Handicraft too is very famous in the Bastar region; artists specialize in creating amazing frameworks out of it. It requires immense precision and skills. The process employs components like cow dung, padding husk, beeswax, red soil, we wire, etc.

bastar-dhokra ART

Apart from the Dhokra art, bell metal handicraft too has gained immense popularity in the world. It is mainly practiced by the artisans of Chhattisgarh; the way they carve things out of their dexterity is simply astonishing.

 Bastar Art

Promotion and Support of Bastar Art

Various government schemes are running to promote and support this rare art of Chhattisgarh. Chhattisgarh government is providing training to the traditional/non traditional artisans, labour from the non agricultural field, unemployed youth etc. has provided a platform for these artisans to sell their Bastar Art Handicrafts online.


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