Spinning the thread of love – Celebrating National Handloom Day

On this very occasion of National Handloom Day we seek to rekindle the memories of an epoch when a Mahatma laid his hands on the wheel and produce a fabric which was procured by masses and covered them until they are laid on their bier.

It can’t be without any reasons why handloom became indispensable over the decades and still acknowledged and sought for even in the gloomy haze of power looms.


We have tried to the best of our prowess to articulate as to why weaver are preferred over perpetual slaves..

  • A weaver took pleasure in his labor so his produce is not the product of oppression or enforcement.
  • Mass production of power looms creates monotony while hand-looms manifest the happiness.
  • Thick and peasantry hands of weavers produce the fabric so fine which in itself is a work of unparalleled  dexterity.
  • Hand-looms of India are reflection of a society which had been a very integral part of India’s struggle for freedom.

So let the handloom fabric drape around your bodies and feel how soft a garment  can be when it is woven by the thread of Love.

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