Chanderi Silk Weavers and Their Artifact

Every region of India has some specialized handloom industry, Chanderi situated in Madhya Pradesh is famous across the world for its Chanderi Silk. Most of the famous weavers belong to Madhya Pradesh who are renowned for the creation of Chanderi.

This is a kind of cloth where the embroidery is done mostly in silk as Chanderi. Chanderi Sarees are produced from three kinds of fabric which are pure silk, Chanderi cotton and silk cotton. This cloth can be further used as saris or to stitch suits, they also weave home furnishings such as curtains and cushion covers, accessories like photo frames and wall hanging.

Chanderi Silk Artifact

It is usually the traditional drawings of flora art, peacocks and geometries that are woven into different Chanderi patterns. No industrialization has affected such hardworking weavers; they mostly weave for the love of weaving which makes the quality nothing less than perfect as their heart goes into the weaving process.

Over years these weavers would not get their deserved share of profits as most of it would get engulfed by the middle men but in today’s time things are much easier for them as they can sell their weaved material online, Thus, reaching out to people around the globe.

Chanderi Silk Saree


The Chanderi sarees reflect the heritage and the importance that is attached to the skill of weaving these high quality product which is not only pleasing to the eye but also compliments the place or person it adorns.


Chanderi silk sarees and different artifacts have since centuries received recognition from the royals and the sophisticated classes because of the customized nature of the work and the skill and labor that was put into the making of Chanderi merchandise. However, with time it has entered the hearts of many who believe that a Chanderi silk saree is worth every penny they spend.


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