Delhi Public Library : A Refuge for Readers, Travelers & Aspiring Minds

“From reading comes knowledge,from knowledge come understanding, from understanding comes tolerance & then at last you are at peace”

Regardless of where do you come from, a Delhite or a tourist. If you are taking a stroll in the lanes of old Delhi and yet giving a miss to this Athenaeum after feasting your eyes with all those iconic Mughal architectures from Jama Masjid to Lal-kila, savoring the delicacies of street foods, well you have missed a chance to quench your appetite for novelty.

Delhi Public Library : A Refuge for Readers, Travelers & Aspiring Minds

Delhi Public Library is situated at the rear side of Chandni Chowk, opposite to the Old Delhi railway station. A national depository library established in 1951 as a cultural project sponsored by UNESCO & government was once a precinct for beatniks intellectuals, historians, civil service aspirants, tourists & such aspiring minds now stands unnoticed and deserted, infested by the acrid stench of public urinary adjoining its boundaries.

Struggling to stay relevant in the world of so called modernity & digital age, library can be perceived to as  antiquated & anachronistic to so many youths, a place which lack the means to serve for their urge to learn and enrichment of their brains.

Managed by the Municipal corporation of Delhi, Library is depraved of funds & collection of new publications hence it has felled into ill state of repair. There is staff of approx 35 people bidding their dreary afternoons-doing nothing but sitting on their hunches, twiddling their thumbs, sewing the sweaters. They are actually not to be blamed cause they are merely waiting on their salaries due for 6-8 months.

Earlier many civil service aspirants & scholars used to visit the library in the hope of making the worth of their times but the provisions offered by library are putting off even the ardent readers and making them find other places with at-least some basic amenities like drinking water.

There is one more library in Chandni Chowk, Hardayal Muncipal Library which shares the same fate. Though the ambience is tranquil but one can only draw the pleasure from the ambience when collection is swell.

It is high time we started working on the culture of public libraries & Athenaeum. At times when everybody want to voice his/her opinion in public, it is of foremost importance to build to first build one.

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