An Eternal Affair with Art & Craft

Even a whole new world is alighted to the sight of a person who is disposed to explore his life with the hope of taking pleasure through his journey. Glory of divinity remains no more a cosmic affair when somebody has learned the art to pay homage to a thing beauty.

Why Ganesha Sells Well in Markets

We are often besieged by the objects of mediocrity in a fashion that we seldom have an eye to distinguish the real art from fiendish articles, it’s only when we are outdoors we are least surrounded by our trappings and eyes of a surer catch hold of the arts and crafts thriving in the far flung helmets of vast territory.


There are arrays of various traditional art forms which have managed  to survive the smog of modern Age which has befogged the vision of many of our countrymen. But it gives us immense pleasure that people are willing to learn the art to wipe off the moat from their eyes to see  the monotony procreated by mediocrity.

“Na gayee tujhko Maquamal Karne ki sardaari kabhi
Ki dil mein reh reh kar Inquilab aaye”

The remarkable  thing with art resembles starkly with the properties of Fire is that its warmth only burns those who are willing to go closer to it. Those who see it from a distance can only get fascinated by the spectacle of those burning in it. The light which illumines the soul of a mortal being while he burns is indeed divine which is invisible to a layman.

Traditions and customs are considered to be a retrograde affairs only to those who are ignorant of the origin and gentrification of their own culture. These are the most vulnerable beings in our modern civilized society who can easily be deceived by impostors of traditional arts.

Lucknow Chikankari

A suitor of beauty can not sit at rest with his handcraft be it a sculptor, painter, weaver or potter or any artist as he always strives for the perfection which his conscience never allows him to attain, nearer he reaches to perfection finer he seeks his craft to be.


The urge to explore the exquisite and singular arts of various culture strike us with awe every time and this feeling of getting enamored time and again keeps us wanting for more and more and it becomes a never ending affair with art and craft.

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