The Finest ‘Zardozi’ Embroidery

Since time immemorial, Indian Art and Culture has proved its mettle across the world platform. It’s rich traditions speak volumes of glory and dates back to earliest of the civilizations. The Artifact and Handicraft skills possessed by Indian natives have always caused the world audience to bow down before them.



The intricate Art form well implemented through immense toil work of Indian Artisans is something India has always correctly boasted of. People from distant nation aspire to acquire such pieces of art to beautify their home or themselves or to just add to their social status.


One of the ancient art form of India is Zardozi Embroidery. In a nutshell, Zardozi Embroidery is a name given to traditional exquisite metal embroidery work.


The history of Zardozi Embroidery dates back to the time of Rig Veda. The annals of Indian history are jam-packed with the references of usage of ‘zari’ embroidery in attires of Gods. ’Zari’ refers to fine and pure silver or golden wires. Ever since its evolution, ‘Zardozi’ embroidery finds it place on the attires of kings and royal nobles of the country.


‘Zardozi’ saw its heights of success under the reign of Mughal emperor Akbar. But it could not flourish later under Aurangzeb rule due to its high cost. ‘Zardozi’ then involved the usage of gold and silver which was out of the reach from commoners. It was after Indian independence that steps were taken to revive its glory.

Zardozi work

In the modern era, ‘Zardozi’ workers are spread across Lucknow, Bhopal, Hyderabad, Delhi, Agra, Kashmir, Mumbai, Ajmer and Chennai.  The artisans of today make use of combination of copper wire with fine polish of gold and silver, thereby making it affordable for commoners to avail any of Zardozi Embroidery products.


Now you need not to go on a search mission to locate Zardozi product as many online startups have taken the initiative to avail your entire favorite Zardozi collection at your doorsteps. They possess multitudes of Zardozi embroidery products ranging from designer sarees, lehengas etc; all suiting to your taste and modern fashion without losing the traditional charm.

‘Zardozi’ Embroidery products which are the result of immense hard work of native craftsmen with intricate pattern work using fabric of finest quality.

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