Handicrafts : Highly skilled but underpaid workforce

Even in the present times of technocrats and frenzy media still a fairy large amount of our country’s workforce is claimed by unorganized labors, for these startling but unfortunate figures of disarrayed and decentralized labour. We have no one to put the blame on but ourselves. As a major part of our country’s unorganized Labour is toiling out of their will in mass production and glut of other such produce which has no part to the innovative and imaginative work.

It can be expressed only in terms of our misfortune and incompetence that we are failing in branding of such a luxuriant and remarkable Heritage as ours to reap its benefit and transpire its aesthetic value. Many of our handicrafts which ones adorned the plush  and drafty palaces of rulers at that time are seen to be auctioned at a petty amount to those are not as ignorant of Indian traditional arts as we are being Indian.

Handicraft manufacturer

Generally decentralization of labour is beneficial stipulating that it is organized and channeled skillfully in pursuance of innovation and ideas. Handicrafts and small enterprises chiefly thrive in rural areas but despite the incessant efforts of government for their betterment yet reeling under the wheel of glut produced by not so skilled but organized labour.

Handloom weaver
We are somewhere lacking in our approach to market and brand the traditional crafts of India which has been also  bearing the brunt of our ignorance and lack of knowledge. Those who are well acquainted only have been able to take it to level where these crafts could attain a footing that too in highly upmarket gentry. This upmarket gentrification of traditional Indian art and craft is yet another hurdle in making it popular and known to masses because our general cognitive wisdom keeps us from seeking a thing which is presumed as High end & expensive. If we care to inquire a bit about these handcrafted articles are not so elusive that it cant be owned by a someone who is a connoisseur of beauty.

Its our misfortune that we don’t seem to have a knack to incorporate the so called cool factor in the marketing strategies of our traditional crafts and in consequence to our inadequate marketing and platitudes towards the expansion of a vast handicraft industry of India is happening at snails pace.

Make in India campaign of our government is a potentate and ambitious effort to channelize country’s skilled but unorganized labour and may capitalize on the humongous demography.


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