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Facts About Madhubani Paintings


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Make Your Terracotta Jewellery


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Reviving Indian Handicrafts



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Why Handmade?

  • Having them can only fulfill your urge to Stand Out in crowd as its a product of ones Imagination & Skill.
  • Anything that bears a cultural value, it’s Charm waxes as time goes by.
  • Why paying for the luxuries of already rich when u can pay for daily bread of skilful Craftsman.
  • Own something you can strike a Conversation about.
  • Why only Museums abroad but not our households should be graced with artistic goods.
  • True value of an Artifact is measured by the amount of life it can stir.
  • You create a direct Relationship with the Artisan / Designer of the product.
  • Will & skill of an Artist always excels when compared with machines.
  • Handmade Artifacts are like well polished mirror which reflect a labor of Love.
  • You are supporting traditional arts and crafts techniques that have passed down through Generations.




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