Impact of Online Media on Handicraft Industry

Handicrafts are the best and unique concept of showcasing any particular community culture. If we talk about the Indian Culture which is widespread all over the world, the most of the credit goes to the handicraft products made by our skilled artisans coming from each and every corner of the India.

Handicrafts online shopping

A few years back handicraft industry was struggling hard to survive in the Indian market. Several obstacles came across the artisans and their families involved in this handicraft industry. As the industry is small & less rewarding, not many craftsmen want to involve their children in their family business of making handicrafts. They want them to join any other way for generating income in cities because they do not receive back the right amount of their investment and hard work from their Artifacts.


Now with the supporting efforts of several NGO’s and social media, the Indian handicrafts industry is spreading its foot strongly in both Indian as well as international market. The best and most effective ways open in front of handicraft industry is online marketing and association with businesses online. The term used for this online business of selling the item in Indian and across the world is e-commerce.


There are several benefits of selling handicrafts online:

  • The online media is a user-friendly portal for everyone.
  • One can easily purchase things online with hassle-free payment methods  & easy delivery.
  • Purchasing online is beneficial for both vendor and buyer as its time saving.
  • The product goes worldwide with no extra efforts.
  • The vendors can put their product on sale and spread information regarding them with no time on very minimal or no rates.
  • The handicrafts online are sold worldwide at a great price with the profit for supplier and making the Indian currency stronger.
  • No middleman involvement in online portals & the seller meets the buyer directly.
  • The brand building is the most beneficial step for online media marketing.

sell handicrafts online

In Today’s time, online media and e-commerce websites are the main source of giving a boost to the handicraft products and spreading them all over the Indian and international market. The love for Indian Embroidered Clothing, Jewelry, and Home Décor is increasing in western countries. Where arises the leading role of e-Commerce portal is that they make the availability of these items to buyers very convenient & makes the Artisan’s business expand on a large scale with great benefits on both sides.

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