This Independence Day learn a craft and make peace

69 years have gone past since then we were ushered into the dawn of  independence, are we still sinking our teeth in reading the clunky books of history whose pages are filled with the doomed ink of hatred and warfare or we have taken up to relive the golden epoch of Indian art and craft.
Learn a craft
Well it is high time when we should shift our interests in creation not in disintegration.

  • The true glory lies not in warfare, handguns and hand grenade but in hand-looms, handicrafts and handmade items.
  • We cherish the heydays of Classical India for its art and culture because it is the foremost and superior force than act of gory and suppression. These are the conducive forces to weal and prosperity of the nation.
  • It doesn’t take much to destroy beautifully architecture buildings but it certainly take whole lifetime to expertise in erecting fine pieces of craft and architecture.
  • Once we have realized the liberty and freedom of imagination we should be obligated to use our hands in making our nation a sanctuary for civilization.

We celebrate the 70th Independence Day by taking a pledge of studying war no more but learn a craft and make peace because peace and harmony is subservient to only Art and handmade..

happy independence day

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