Kids All Alright: Art Leaves No Child Behind

Don’t ask your kids to fall in line, help them creating their own line of profession.

Art in education can help children figuring out their own muse and interests way earlier before they make a mistake of choosing a career out of insecurity rather than something they are really good at.

Art in Education
Introduction of traditional Art forms & other visual arts in the curriculum shall bring the kids close to the understanding of our culture on side and enable them to think out of the box vis-a-vis our diverse cultures.

We don’t need to run ourselves in debts to put our kids into the best educational institutes, parents should rather need to put them in the company of contemporaries that they believe to be worthwhile because it’s from the influence of contemporaries one evolves than the institutes.

Kids All alright: Art Leaves No Child Behind

It’s the duty of parents to show a keen interest in puerile activities of their kids which may seem insignificant to them now but can be helpful in gauging their inclination which might become their profession in future.

The prime reason why a great deal of youth feel ill placed in whatever profession they are is the because baggage of conventionality & social insecurities had been thrust-ed upon them by their own parents when they had the Confidence of youth to stand out in a society.

We work from our fingers to our bones; Day & Night to provide the best possible education & other facilities to our kids but we often miss the sight from the incidents or rather overlook the activities of our kids where lies hidden the opportunities for them to make a satisfactory carrier.

kids and art

It’s in the formative years of youths they are faced with the crisis of life as to which work they should be doing all his life to have a satisfactory life and unfortunately for many of them it’s hard to see through the glut of so many advice and options what their real interest lies. That is where the role of art education comes which coerces your heart to follow the instincts even if it makes you a rebel without a cause in the eyes of so called society.

kids and artist

So, stop pressing your kids with the flurry of your own aspirations, let them find their own niche, their own passions, don’t confine them in boundaries of time.

It might take some time but they will eventually figure out what they want to do with their lives, the source they want to earn their earnings from. Don’t worry too much your kids are all right.

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