Land of Art, Crafts & Culture – India

Since time immemorial, Indian art and culture has proved its mettle across the world platform. Its rich traditions speak volumes of glory and dates back to earliest of the civilizations.


Carved Kashkul (Mendicant’s Bowl) used by Sufi mystics, made of coconut-de-mere shell & copper. @National Museum

The artifact and handicraft skills possessed by Indian natives have always caused the world audience to bow down before them.

Ivory Chariot depicting a scene from Mahabharata, Krishna gives sermons of Gita to remorseful Arjun yielding in the battle. @Indian Museum, Kolkata.

The intricate art form well implemented through immense toil work of Indian artisans is something India has always correctly boasted of. People from distant nation aspire to acquire such pieces of art to beautify their home or themselves or to just add to their social status.

Mughal Brass Ewer (aftaba). Engraved with poppy motifs & Dark Lac inlay from 17th-18thC.

Ever since the dawn of Indian civilization, the country has always been under the spotlight on the stage of art and craft. Nation’s prosperous cultural heritage and years of traditional evolution is marked by enormous varieties of art, craft and handicraft.

Gold Finial from the Throne of Tipu Sultan, brought to England by Thomas Wallace after battle of Seringapatam. From 4th Anglo-Mysore War, 1799.

It was the presence of plentiful masterpieces of artistic landmarks manifested by Indian art and craft which invited invaders from distant places of the world.

Sage Asita visits king Suddhodhana during the birth of Siddhartha to Fortell his fate. Buddha Amravati Relief, Andhra Pradesh.

But what the invaders could not take away with themselves was the inherent artistic skill of the native Indians. This magical art and craft skill which made the world go down before India is been passed from generation to generation and is ever blossoming and ever-prospering.

Gulabpash, Rose water sprinkler used in Royal Ceremonies of Lucknow. Decorated with Champlevé Enamelling.. @National Museum, Delhi.

Time and again Indian craft heritage gets wide critical acclaim across the world due to fine and striking magnum opus delivered by the immense toil by Indian craftsmen, intermingled by their inbuilt skill.


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