Mysore Dasara: Mystery behind Golden Throne

Mysore is one the historical cities of Karnataka which is indubitably a treat to the eyes of any tourist having some aesthetic sense. Mysore palace alone is enough to surfeit your appetite if you are seeking to draw pleasure from beauty and art.

But we are talking specifically about the Golden throne which is readied and put to public admiration every year during Sharad Navratari as customary practice to celebrate the feted Mysore Dasara. Its is dissembled and locked up in safe after the fest is over.

This fine piece of craftsmanship, carved in fig-wood embellished with ivory plaques ,golden umbrella over main seat with steps leading to it can sure strike you with awe. There are engravings of slokas on the umbrella addressed to Wadiyars kings as “Lord of the earth”. No wonders that in 11th C kings had no compunctions in emulating themselves to almighty.

Mysore Dasara: Mystery behind Golden Throne

Though the Artist who made this sumptuous Seat still shrouds under the dust of centuries while his art continues to dazzle the prying eyes of patrons.

There are many views according to historian as per their individual fondness and inclination towards the various empires ruled the provinces of South. One conception is that it belonged to Pandavas of the Mahabharata in Hastinapur and taken away by Kampilaraya to bury it in Penugonda in Hyderabad. Later it was retrieved by King Harihara-1 of Vijayanagar.

And later after fall of Vijayanagar it come in the possession of Wadiyars. Some believe that it was a gift by the Mughals to South Kings to lure them into submission.

There were times when this throne was graced by purple blooded Kings during the ceremonies of coronations amidst the songs of praise and panegyric recitation. The Life which surrounded  this throne was the finest example of the Art itself but now the only region to admire it is the amount of Life it still manages to evoke in sluggish souls.

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