Rajasthani Jewellery – A Mingle of Tradition & Glamour

Rajasthan the city popular for its culture, artistic side and mouth melting flavors in food. Rajasthan is a state from where several royals and rulers brought their tradition which is still seen in their artistic taste of jewellery and clothes. Rajasthani jewelry is a combination of ongoing trend with authentic traditional designs. The design which no women can deny to wear and flaunt.

Popular Rajasthani Jewellery

Famous Indian actresses of Bollywood such as Vidya Balan, Rekha, Sonam Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai and Madhuri Dixit have joyfully flaunted Rajasthani Rajputi adornments at celebrity award event, red carpet and films. This could be one reason for the developing fans and admirers of Rajasthani adornments.

Aishwarya Rajasthani jewellery rajasthani jewellery-2

When we talk about bridal jewellery the first things comes to our mind is heavy and stylish Rajasthani Rajput jewellery. The precious stones studded into Meenakari, Thewa, Kundan necklaces, Bangles and other ornaments from head to toe that enhances the beauty of every bride to look astonishing. There are wide variety of designs and pattern from traditional to glamorous jewellery for modern age brides.

Kundan Jewellery

Pachi jewellery Pachi necklace design

Kundan jewellery is popular for its perplexing designs among ladies. The manufacturing of Kundan jewellery needs very detailed work and time. Initially, these stones were determined to profoundly refined gold. Stones are determined to a gold sheet and afterward gold foils are squeezed in the holes around the stones. Layer after layer of gold foils are squeezed till the holes are filled. These days, the silver Kundan jewellery is also available in the markets that are accessible for everyone. Utilization of artificial stones in Kundan jewellery makes it less costly.

Thewa Jewellery

thewa necklace

The traditional art of making Thewa jewellery is very old in Rajasthan. Thewa jewellery is the fusion of gold and glass together in which pure gold designs are created on a multi-colored glass. The bright colors and motifs are used for making the jewellery that incorporates the rich culture of Rajasthan.

Meenakari Jewellery

DSC_1433 Meenakari earrings

Meenakari jewellery originated from Jaipur, Rajasthan is exceptionally renowned for its designs and bright colors. In meenakari art, the jewellery is designed by engraving the outlines of blossoms, winged animals, and fish. Therefore, furrows are made to hold the colors. Later the color is poured into the sections. Every color on jewellery is fired exclusively. The warmth of fire softens the color and it spreads consistently in each section. When finished, the procedure is rehashed with another color; generally gold and silver are used as the base of Meenakari. Jaipur Meenakari adornments are in demand on account of the nature-based themes like blossoms and creatures (elephants, peacocks, parrots etc).

Polki Jewellery

Polki jewellery sonam

Polki jewellery is a raw form of diamond that is not cut or polished. It is semi-polished and does not experience much chemical treatment that gives the jewellery a rustic appearance. These natural uncut diamonds are determined to 24 karat gold utilizing genuine gold foils or lac. The natural unique shape and sparkle of polka jewellery makes it exceptionally costly and it is later passed on from one to another new bride in the family in a form of legacy. Delightful neck-pieces, hoops, chokers and chand balis composed in polka are always the ones to go for.

Tribal Jewellery

bollywood-celebrities-in-tribal-jewellery tribal jewellery online

The most commonly seen jewellery for every Rajasthani women in Silver. Tribal jewellery is very common and popular among the Rajasthani ladies and is in huge demand. These are made up of silver, with broad hollow bells worn by the Banjara tribal people of Rajasthan. Upper armlet, neck ring or hansuli and mandliya string neckband, along with a belt that is heavy and in layers. Single waist chain and toe rings in “Gajre” outlines are other tribal adornments that are exceptionally famous. Tokariya or antique tribal old silver hoops are likewise exceptionally well known among the tribal individuals in Rajasthan. These kind of tribal jewellery is mostly loved by locals & tourists both.

Lac Jewellery

lac jewellery

The most beautiful and attractive lac jewellery is very popular ornaments in Rajasthan. The lac bangles are made in charming, vibrant colors (red, blue, gold) are the mostly used hues in the manufacturing of lac jewellery. Semi-precious stones are used and also known as common gold in Rajasthan and other states.

The various Rajasthani ornaments and few masterpieces are shown below:



Rakdi commonly known as maang tikka. The accessory, which the bride wears on her forehead, comes in numerous designs and patterns.

Kundan Bhutti

kundan bhutti

Kundan bhutti is the pattern of jhumka; long and heavy studded with gems and stones both precious and semi-precious. The designs are unique and modern that gives the bride an astonishing look.

Choker & Raani Haar

rani haar

Traditional Rajasthani jewellery in the form of Raani Haar studded with precious multi-colored gems. The neck piece is heavy covering the neck and Raani Haar is long kisses the navel. The jewellery is made up of gold and uncut diamonds give the impressive look.

Bajuband & Chooda


These ornaments are commonly worn by Marwari and Rajput brides. The astonishing design engraved on gold and set of bangles signifies the marital ecstasy.


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