Rationale behind the Criticism of Art

Imagine all person bearing the same countenance and facial expressions, all mountains and vegetation, rivers were to have perfect semblance in their respective height color and course. How long can we endure the monotony surrounding us? We suppose there is scarce any mortal being who can cherish the gift of life with timeless formlessness. If we can’t bear the evenness and symmetry of things around us after some hours it passes our understanding why to start quibbling over the symmetry of any Artist expression be it the work of handmade embroidery or  hand printed/painted design on any fabric or a painting done by stoke of spontaneity.

Handicrafts of India

To enforce any artist or craftsmen for the symmetry in his/her is to kill an Artistic expression. It is the lines of non-symmetry which eventually manifest how close he/she has reached to the perfection in his/her work. These are the lines which never let the spell of weariness alighted to the eyes of a beholder. It is flurry of spontaneous moments which keeps breaking the monotony of artistic work over and over again. Criticism of any work is a key to reach near perfection but only when it is backed by a consolidate reason. Criticism of a ignorant man is no better than the loud mouth assertions of a fool. Therefore it is imperative to learn the nuances of any craft before making any query either in support or as a critic.

It’s a misfortune that though we have a luxuriant and rich heritage of traditional art and craft but a large section of our urban cosmopolite still lives in oblivion of it and it waxes us even more when some ignorant ones write them off as a trivial thing which is to be overlooked. There is a graving need to instill in their supple minds the history and virtues behind these Art forms.

artist of India

As Art & Craft is the best possible way to get the masses acquainted with Indian heritage because every traditional art form is attached to state of matters in those time be it political or economical. If one cares to look keenly, a craft is the embodiment of ideas of people in the time immemorial. So popularizing the traditional crafts have two folds benefits, first it passes the heritage down to next generation, second it brings us close to indigenous people indulged in making handcrafted goods.

By and large after facing all the criticism and receiving the accolades of many people it is the eventually the conscience of an Artist/Craftsmen which guides his or her hands to forge the beauty in his/her work because a fault finder will find the faults even in the fair Heavens much before having seen it in his most elusive dream.

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