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Selling handicrafts in India and worldwide becomes easy through e-commerce website. The platform offers a great opportunity for the Manufacturer, Artists and local people involve in handicraft business. The Artisans from villages and small cities of India can sell handmade items online with the help of the expert team of these companies and earn a great profit from their native places as they get the opportunity to showcase handicrafts in front of large customer base these companies have.

By breaking the rules of the retail industry you can look forward to the right platform and turn your small business into an online shop with huge customer base.

AuthIndia is one of the finest and leading e-commerce website which helps local Artist & craftsmen sell handicrafts in India & Abroad. The items showcased on AuthIndia are made up of pure passion and hard work of every individual involved in traditional artwork from different regions of India.

Give a crafty reason to your expeditions

Selling on AuthIndia is super easy and reliable. You just need to Register Yourself & the catalogue of handicrafts will be created by the team & you can start selling online with minimal technical knowledge.

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AuthIndia gives their seller all freedom to keep a check on how your business is growing and moving. The seller has the right to control over price and maintain the uniqueness of the handicraft products. The company provides multiple advantages to the Artisans for selling their handicrafts online over the internet.


As more of the people now purchase things online compared to local shops; our sellers get huge market exposure. Fast & convenient delivery of your handicrafts is ensured by the team & secure payment methods are provided & used by the company. These things make selling convenient for sellers and add to the buying experience of the Customers. Partnering with AuthIndia is a right choice for local Artisans/Craftsmen to sell handicrafts online. 🙂

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  1. Mehak says:

    handicrafts are in the culture of India and one must respect that. Purchasing handicrafts from a well known place ha become difficult so I came across … in order to buy few handicrafts or my office purpose.

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