Stop being “The Bores of the society”

Did you ever have the urge to be outstanding in your society or during the hours of your leisure when you are in a ceremony or  a recreational gathering? I daresay yes you had this time and again as it is in the very nature of human beings to be acknowledged in the circle they live in. Pleasure of being admired by your acquaintances or even by some random stranger is innate in every person who has ever lived.

People devise different ways to seek the attention in accordance with their respective prowess, some by their ostentatious display of their knowledge, some by their knack of oratory, a few by showcasing their artistic skills but most of them do it by flaunting their priced equipage they own. By and large people love to show the luxuriant pieces of art and crafts possessed by them, chief of its share goes with the exquisite garments they endearingly cloaked themselves in.


There are some nuances you should practice to be the cynosure of a gathering without making yourselves look like a Jester among your acquaintances.

  • Firstly if you want to reflect your sartorial sense stop rummaging for the clothing range everybody is longing for as it has already been made trite by the incessant frenzied hunt of the people. It will just make you stand in the beeline of mediocre.
  • Wear a raiment that is worth striking a conversation about, tempt your sartorial senses for handloom and hand embroidered clothing indigenously made in Indian provinces. Once you are cloaked in such garbs you don’t require any pretensions to stand out in a society.
  • Once you get into the habit of wearing a culture which has its roots in the time immemorial, you become the prototype of classics yourselves. Classics can never be in the want of admiration as they are indispensable no matter how an epoch turns out.
  • The richness of a culture keeps on waxing as decades drift pass. Owing any craft with cultural significance reflects your wisdom of history and Indian heritage. Again you do not require to act like a jester to invite the attention of your peers while you are attending a gathering or a sorority.
  • It is as simple as it looks if you are nursing a desire to be the head turner of an event without even making any utterances. Own something remarkably exquisite having a cultural value to speak of and be curious to learn the craft behind it.

And at last don’t possess any such thing which is worth giving a refuge to dust only because you will end being in the ranks of “The Bores of the Society“.

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