The Era of Stone Craftsmen

The most revered and treasured form of Stone Art is Taj Mahal in Agra & is the best example of the passion and love involved with this type of artwork. Stone Craft of Agra & Jaipur is very famous since Mughals age, from then the delicate handicraft has remained area of interest in Indian heritage. Marble/Stone craft is also known as Parchin kari which is known as the most attractive and popular forms in these cities. The long detailed process requires great patience and artistry. Technique of creating such beautiful masterpieces is virtually unchanged and is created exclusively by hands.


Lot of effort is involved in making just a single piece of design depending on its detail. Many varieties of coloured stones like cornelian, jasper, abalone shell, agnate, coral, pearl, turquoise are used to make the show pieces and accessories look attractive.


Precious stones and gems are chosen by experts to give right graduation in colour and shades of the masterpieces, which gives overall radiance to the products. The grooves in the designs are filled with their precisely shapes and coloured stones which is placed with help of white putty, oil and wax.


Many websites are involved in offering wide range of Stone craft to their customers. Their stone handicrafts range can be enjoyed by the clients worldwide. They offer you stone craft show pieces and accessories at very affordable price and latest designs with authenticity and quality product.

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