The Story Of Pune’s Copper Alley

India – The land filled with amazing Art and its culture which is spread all over the world with time. The Art that gave us the fame all over the world and changed the perception of outsiders towards India and its people. The Indian Artisans are blessed with creativity in their hands that have transformed a normal stone into beautiful monuments, pillars, decorative pieces and the historical statues engraved during Harappa dynasty.


As the time kept changing along the increased demand Machines have replaced the Artisans and more and more people are inclined towards the technology instead of handmade products. But in this advanced and modern era, there are some craftsmen and lovers who have kept this rare art of making embellishing handicrafts alive and are inspired by nature to give them a shape. In a journey of searching this rare & traditional art and crafts of India we met many artisans, among them were two Artisans from the Pune city in India. It’s a story that remain untold for long. The story of two exceptional individuals known for their metal-work & unique artifacts made from Brass and Copper.

Video credit : Joel Elias (Writer, Director & Editor) | LMB Productions

Bhalchandra Prabhakar Kadu and Mahesh Maruti Nijampurkar – Two individuals with the same dream that is to keep their love and passion of metal art work alive after them. Mr.Bhalchandra who started his venture of metal art in 1976 by taking a loan from his former employer where he uses to work. It’s been 36 years from then he is practicing this rare metal art in which different types of machines are used to make it unique with handwork as well. Bhalchandra saw many ups and downs regarding the metals art work in the Indian market. This art is more popular in overseas market and at present his seventh generation is involved in the same metal work. He taught this metal art to 1500 student and still willing to teach more 5000 just to keep his art alive through them. At the age of 66, he is still active and passionate like a youngster towards his dream.

Same like Bhalchandra, Mahesh is also living his metal art work dream on a small scale and for which he has been struggling with some part due to low market demand and high metal price including machinery and worker which help to create the beautiful metal decorative costing. Mahesh with his 3 other brothers involve in the same family business after facing a tough time due to his father’s illness. According to Mahesh, he is the only last one to follow his metal love and family business because his children don’t want to take part in the same and follow their dreams on different passages of education and career.


These talents are hidden and waiting for us to reach them in hope to support and keep alive their passion for metal work.


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